1. What problem were you looking to solve when you found our service? And how it helped you?
    It was not a problem, we just wanted to add new marketing feature for our hotels beside other feature we are using already.
  2. What is your opinion about our service , are you satisfied ?
    Yes, I’m satisfied.
  3. What we need to add to our services ?
    The service itself (Virtual Tour Photography) there is nothing to add. You only need to come up with several options, packages and products using the same service to present it to your clients.
  4. What was your opinion about marketing after 360 VR?
    Building opinion about marketing tools will not be visible right away. It takes not less than month or two to build a solid opinion.
  5. Why you decided to work with us ?
    The Price (I hope you will stay offering moderate prices)
  6. Would you recommend us ? If so, why?
    Yes I would recommend you as long as you stay motivated and dedicated to your work.
  7. Anything else you’d like to add?
    I wish the best of luck to stablish long lasting company on a SOLID GROUND