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هلنان فندق لاندمارك هو حاليا فندق لرجال الأعمال المطاعم أساسا لقطاع الشركات بهدف توسيع منشآتها لتمكينها من استيعاب المزيد قائمة العملاء أعمالها المتنامية.

كما يوجد الفندق استراتيجيا على طول الشارع الأكثر شهرة في منطقة القاهرة الجديدة، “شارع 90” في امنطقة التجمع الخامسة.


Helnan Landmark Hotel is currently a business hotel catering mainly to the corporate sector with the aim of extending its facilities to enable it to further accommodate its growing business client list.
The hotel is strategically placed along the most famous street in the New Cairo district, “Road 90” in the fifth settlement.
The hotel’s external features fall along the same lines of modern architecture of the majority of the business buildings in the area which allows it to blend and integrate with its neighbours.

As for its internal features, when entering the hotel lobby you feel as if you are entering a small hotel in one of Paris’s small streets or in a city in Eastern Europe like Prague with its golden themed classic lines that decorate the ceiling and high backed comfortable armchairs that adorn one side of the main lobby.
The hotel is located within 5 minutes of two major shopping malls, Cairo Festival City and Downtown.
It is also very close to Cairo Airport which is about 15 minutes away, in addition to being situated at only a 30 minute drive from Cairo’s major tourist attractions and sightseeing spots.
Other amenities you will find in the hotel include an ATM/banking and currency exchange service, in addition to a dessert corner and a newsstand.